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Amplitude Counseling Mission Statement

Imagine you are present with the wave depicted on this page. What might you hear? What might you feel? See? Smell? Taste?

Amplitude Counseling, LLC is a place that welcomes genuine exploration of life experiences. Most of us can describe what it might be like to be moving quickly and reach the crest of a moment, scenario, or phase of life. The eloquent point where a wave reaches it's maximum height is peaceful, yet brief. It is sometimes a place that can be experienced more frequently with joy and passion given the correct preparation.

Likewise, many of us can also describe what it might be like to be crushed in a moment, scenario, or phase of life. The sheer force of a wave like the one on this screen would drive a person downward if caught in the wrong position.

The undertow in a riptide following a wave like this one would be powerful and could suck many things in its path out to sea. Any structures or vessels around that have not prepared for a wave like this one could incur damage.

How might one survive these scenarios? Is it possible that someone can create a metaphorical wave like scenario with their own choices and actions? Is it also possible that someone has little to no control over some of the storms they may be experiencing? Could someone learn to surf this wave? Can someone learn to avoid this wave all together?

The mission of my practice is to establish a powerful and successful treatment plan, provide long term relief, teach coping strategies that may be used on a daily basis for relief. I plan to attempt to accomplish our therapeutic goals with an effective treatment plan. Treatment plans are necessary and used to help clients identify their personal strengths and skills. Additionally, therapy teaches clients how to directly apply their strengths and skills  towards life circumstances, relationships, and many other facets of life throughout the lifespan. Therapy is designed to help clients withstand stressful seasons of life, which at times are accompanied with powerful waves. 


It is important that people understand how their choices impacts their life. Consider how this wave may influence the environment around it. How might your choice impact the environment around you?

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