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Therapeutic Orientation

Client Centered Therapy

Client Centered Therapy beautifully focuses on genuineness, unconditional positive regard, congruence, and accurate empathy. I believe that an environment that is non judgmental can be healing in and of itself. The therapeutic relationship helps clients engage in therapy in meaningful ways often coming to realize how their perceptions on life often fuel how they act and feel. Clients often describe therapy as satisfying and relieving as they learn how to use therapy as a way to self actualize.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the very first type of therapy I learned in school. This therapy is world renowned as evidence based and can be used in countless ways. I enjoy creating tailored treatment plans that are measurable, I design my treatment plans in such a manner that it will address any specific thoughts and behaviors directly related to your distress and intentionally seek the extinction of these same thoughts and behaviors. This therapy is fruitful and rewarding once cognitive restructuring is achieved, you will without a doubt notice positive change and growth at this stage in therapy. 

Solution Focused Therapy

Solution Focused Therapy is designed to empowered clients through exploring a series of intentional questions and hypotheticals that are present and future oriented. Solution Focused Therapy often underscores an agent of hope and motivation for the present moment.  I have had many client report peace throughout therapy after exploring ideas of how life might be in the near future, absent of any given cause of distress.

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